Web Content

We don't just write web content, we weave it!

A leading web content providers in Sri Lanka, Copywriting Direct has done some impressive writing for websites of several leading organisation in varied industries.

Our web content writing services

Working with our clients We get into our clients' shoes to understand their target market and written requirements. And we do thorough market research in the client industry prior to writing the website copy.

SEO consideration 'Content is King' when it comes to websites. This adage is still true to this day, even with the development in technology. Content is indeed valuable, as while getting our client's messages through, we consider SEO (search engine optimisation) when we write the web copy.

Working with web designers We have worked with some of the best web developers in Sri Lanka, as well web designers from the UK and the US. Therefore, in offering our clients the best in services, we utilize our knowledge on what web designers require from writers. While we can recommend web designers for our clients, we can also work with web developers suggested by the clients themselves.

Client range And it's not just for clients in Sri Lanka that we offer copywriting services for websites, but also for clients from around the world! Be it North America, UK, Australia, China or Africa, our content writing services can be catered for individual client requirements, culture and target market.